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Woodland Burials

At T.A. Ellement we have over thirty five years experience in a range of alternative ceremonies including, natural woodland burials. We specialise in ensuring that your loved one can have the woodland or eco-friendly burial as desired.

We can help you plan the perfect ceremony by providing an intricately designed coffin from our environmentally friendly coffin range and ensure you have the perfect burial section in a dedicated woodland burial park.

We specialise in unique biodegradable coffins, willow coffins and wicker coffins and cemeteries local to our branches have serene woodland burial sections but there is also a dedicated woodland site available, which is known as Chiltern’s Woodland Burial Park.

If you are unsure as to just what a Woodland burial involves then our experienced staff will be able to talk you through the entire process and explain just what options are available.

Please follow the link below or feel free to visit your nearest T.A. Ellement & Son branch for further information.

Please note that we are also able to provide eco-friendly cremated remains urns and currently have a range of urns available in Willow, Bamboo and many other varieties.