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The Independent funeral directors at T.A. Ellement can ensure that whatever your choice of memorial, all your needs are taken care of.

Great consideration should be taken in your choice of memorials and your funeral director will be able to offer you advice...

We offer a full range of memorials including headstones, cremation stones and cremation tablets, which are available in all colours from black and grey through to red and blue pearl to name but a few. Memorial brochures are available upon request.

We are also happy to obtain free estimates for any renovation work required on existing memorials or for additional inscriptions.

Please contact us for further information.

Cremated Remains and Memorials

After the funeral there may be decisions to be made regarding the disposal of the cremated remains.

This can be done either by scattering in the crematorium gardens of remembrance, interment in a columbarium or in a grave. You may even like to have them at home.

Please feel free to ask about the different options available and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can and if needs be can make any necessary arrangements with third parties.