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At T.A. Ellement we cater for many funeral services by offering a range of beautifully created coffins. From traditional burials to natural woodland burials and cremations, we supply environmentally friendly coffins and natural wood coffins that can suitably cater to all your needs.

Our range of coffins includes veneer, bamboo, willow and solid wood coffins. We pride ourselves on providing a range that varies from the eco friendly and biodegradable coffins to the traditional, solid oak coffins that have been beautifully designed and finished.

Our brochure highlights the details of all of our superior coffins and caskets that are offered together with suggested linings and fittings. Our team of experts will ensure that we can fulfil your every requirement and are happy to discuss all available options with you, at a time that best suits you.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our brochure then simply contact us as we would be happy to obtain quotes for alternative items should you require.

For over thirty five years, we have provided the best service and the best range of coffins to suit all burial requirements and will continue doing so for the coming years.

Please feel free to contact us for further advice and guidance.

However we would be delighted to obtain quotes for alternative items should you so require.


Chiltern Sapele

/media/pages/library/Last-Supper.jpgLast Supper

/media/pages/library/Aston-Oak---closed.jpgAston Oak

Chiltern Oak


/media/pages/library/Aston-Oak---open.jpgAston Oak Open

/media/pages/library/Aston-Utile.jpgAston Utile

/media/pages/library/Brinkley-Oak.jpgBrinkley Oak


/media/pages/library/Winter-Scene-Contemporary.jpgWinter Scene

/media/pages/library/23rd-Psalm-Contemporary.jpg23rd Psalm


/media/pages/library/Seascape-at-Dusk-Contemporary.jpgSeascape at Dusk